Celebrity Hotties Who Leave Guys Cold

Celebrity Hotties Who Leave Guys Cold

Anne Hathaway
The cast and celebrity guests arrive on the black ''red'' carpet for the world premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises", held at the AMC Lincoln Square IMAX Theatre in NYC.

Pictured: Anne Hathaway

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What is it about certain stars that has girls cooing at the TV in delight, while their boyfriends invent mutant junk foods in their heads (“KFC pizza… Cinnabon White Russians… Man, I should really be writing these down…”)?

While a luminous Cate Blanchett, sassy SJP, or gamine Anne Hathaway should surely appeal to even the blind Inuit, the genders stand divided on these beauties. While gay men and fashionable women swoon for Tilda Swinton, her ginger eyelashes hold little charm for the average dude. While a generation of women admired Carrie Bradshaw’s fearless approach to challenging hem lengths, Maxim voted Sarah Jessica Parker the ‘Unsexiest Woman in the World’. And, even though burlesque stripper Dita Von Teese should get everyone hot under the collar, it says a lot that the last guy who really dated her was called Marilyn.

So which other polarizing goddesses make the list of women who are only hot to other women? Join us as we negotiate the ultimate hot-or-not list.

GALLERY: Celebrity Hotties Who Leave Guys Cold

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