Gladys Blake

Born: 01/12/1910


Actor (31)

This Woman Is Dangerous 1952 (Movie)

Hairdresser (Actor)

Ladies of the Chorus 1949 (Movie)

Flower Shop Girl (Actor)

The Phantom of the Opera 1942 (Movie)

Jennie (Actor)

Woman of the Year 1941 (Movie)

Flo Peters (Actor)

The Lady From Cheyenne 1940 (Movie)


Broadway Melody of 1940 (Movie)

Miss Martin (Actor)

Dr. Kildare's Crisis (Movie)

Maisie (Actor)

Her Highness and the Bellboy (Movie)

Pearl (Actor)

I Love You Again (Movie)

Salesgirl (Actor)

In Society (Movie)


Johnny Eager (Movie)


Lucky Devils (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

Lucky Night (Movie)

Blackie (Actor)

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (Movie)

Mrs. Byers (Actor)

Nocturne (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Over 21 (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Practically Yours (Movie)

Brooklyn Girl in Subway (Actor)

Racing Blood (Movie)

Phyllis Reynolds (Actor)

Rainbow Over Broadway (Movie)

Nellie (Actor)

Sailor's Lady (Movie)


Scared to Death (Movie)

Lilybeth (Actor)

Shadows over Chinatown (Movie)


Ship Ahoy (Movie)


Smart Woman (Movie)

Elsie (Actor)

Stranger in Town (Movie)

Birdie (Actor)

Tell No Tales (Movie)

Myra Haskins (Actor)

The Earl of Chicago (Movie)

Silken Legs (Actor)

The Magnificent Dope (Movie)

Another Secretary (Actor)

The More the Merrier (Movie)

Barmaid (Actor)

The Naughty Nineties (Movie)


Who Done It? (Movie)

Telephone Operator (Actor)