Glen Robinson


Visual Effects & Animation (10)

Amityville II: The Possession 1982 (Movie)

(Special Effects Supervisor)

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid 1982 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Pennies From Heaven 1981 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Hurricane 1979 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Meteor 1979 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

King Kong 1976 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Logan's Run 1975 (Movie)

(Special Effects)

Earthquake 1974 (Movie)


The Hindenburg 1974 (Movie)

special mechanical effects (Mechanical Special Effects)

Battle of Britain 1969 (Movie)

(Special Effects)
Other (1)

Flash Gordon 1980 (Movie)

special effects consultant (Consultant)