The Latest Google Doodle Takes Us on an Interactive Alien Adventure

If you’ve ever dreamt of witnessing alien life firsthand, you need not suit up for a renegade space mission (or even pony up the iTunes rental fee for E.T.). The latest Google Doodle honors the 66th anniversary of the so-called extraterrestrial landing outside Roswell by taking users back to that fateful evening in July 1947.

Famously, conspiracy theorists claimed that a UFO landed right outside the dreary town in New Mexico. Extraterrestial enthusiasts insisted that it was indeed an alien aircraft, but authorities claimed the crash was simply debris resulting from a secret service’s balloon.

The Google Doodle provides an interactive setting for adamant alien fans to dork out over. Googlers can navigate a background inspired by Roswell to help a petite, wide-eyed alien as it embarks on a list of tasks to get its ship up and running again. 

As fun as it is to guide a small martian around, does this Doodle reign over the rest? You be the judge! Launch our gallery of The 14 Best Google Doodles.

The 14 Best Google Doodles Gallery

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