Google Doodle Celebrates Legendary DNA Scientist Rosalind Franklin

Credit: Google

When it comes to the history of DNA research and the discovery of the double helix structure, Watson and Crick tend to get all the credit. But today’s Google Doodle reminds us that their success would’ve been impossible without the immense contribution of Rosalind Franklin. 

Born in London in 1920, Franklin was a pioneer in the study of DNA, as she was the first scientist to use X-rays to successfully photograph the molecule. Her famous X-ray diffraction image was named Photo 51, and it revealed the famous double helix structure that James Watson and Francis Crick described in 1953. Franklin’s research was essential to Watson and Crick’s discovery, but unfortunately, she did not receive the 1962 Nobel Prize alongside the famous scientists because she died of ovarian cancer in 1958. Today, however, Google has decided to honor her legacy with this Doodle, in which we see an illustration of Franklin alongside her great contribution to science.

Today’s Google Doodle is just the latest in a string of exciting illustrations that have taken over the search engine’s homepage. Check out our gallery of educational, interactive, inspirational, and just plain fun Google Doodles.

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