The Latest Google Doodle Takes Us on a Musical Gondola Ride with Claude Debussy

Google Doodle Claude Debussy


“Music is the space between the notes.”

That’s the sort of profundity that could only come from a 19th century Frenchman. The artist in question: Claude Debussy, composer of — among other magnetic works — “Clair de lune,” a musical illustration of Paul Verlaine’s 1869 poem. To celebrate Debussy’s 151st birthday (should he not have passed away in 1918 following a struggle with colon cancer, that is) Google has created a new Doodle depicting his music on the backdrop of a moonlit European city.

We travel via canal past houses, windmills, and balloons, our journey culminating with the union of two lovers in a fresh, light drizzle. A sweet tribute to a man who brought the world many unforgettable harmonies. To see more great minds celebrated in Google Doodle form, check out our gallery.

GALLERY: Our Favorite Google Doodles

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