Read This Article to Find Either a Google Doodle Celebrating Schrodinger’s Birthday or a Dead Cat

Credit: Google

Here, you have a link to the Google homepage. The link, as you have been informed, was originally designed to grant you visage of a Google Doodle celebrating the 126th birthday of physicist Erwin Schrodinger. However, before clicking the link, you cannot know for certain if it does indeed link to aforementioned Doodle, or the alternate possibility… whatever the “dead cat” equivalent of a computer animated graphic honoring the work of a 20th century scientist would be. A dead cat GIF, maybe. But that’s… that’s just so sad.

In any event, this new Schroodle (that’s a Schrodinger Doodle) is just the latest reason to check out’s Google Doodle gallery. Click the link below to see some of our favorite Doodles.

GALLERY:’s Favorite Google Doodles

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