The Latest Google Doodle Celebrates the First Parachute with a Skydiving Game

Google Doodle, 10/22/13Google

If you’ve searched for anything on Google today then you’ve already been enthralled by the search engine’s latest campaign to make the world a little more unproductive. Google has released a new Google Doodle that will have you smiling pleasantly while locked in a vice grip of procrastination.

Their charming new doodle celebrates the 216th anniversary of the world’s first-ever parachute jump, completed by André-Jacques Garnerin. On October 22, 1797, Garnerin descended from a balloon situated high above Paris’ Parc Monceau.

The doodle features a bite-sized version of Garnerin falling through a color-streaked sky. You can control, with mouse clicks or the arrow buttons, which way his parachute sways, while dodging bumpy clouds and birds flying past the horizon. Once little Garnerin comes to a soft landing on the ground, he gives you a tiny pixelated wave and the word “Google” is anointed in the sky. The doodle then offers you to play again, which you will, over and over again until you probably lose your job. With each time you recreate Garnerin’s daring journey, the doodle’s environment changes from the likes of on-looking Parisians in a crowded town square, to a curious elephant grazing in a plain, giving this doodle tons of replay value. Basically, there’s no way you’re getting anything done today, so stop trying.

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