Our 10 Favorite Google Doodles

There are few better feelings than starting up your computer, logging onto the Internet, and finding a fresh Google Doodle waiting for you. Okay, maybe the birth of your first child or a fresh snow cone make for better feelings, but that’s pretty much it. For the past few years, Google has graced the technologically-inclined public with animated greetings, celebrating whatever birthday, anniversary, or holiday might fall on the date. Each and every time, it’s a fun distraction (sometimes one so engaging as to actually put your job in peril). But sometimes, they crank out some especially great gems.

As such, we’ve put together a gallery of our favorite Google Doodles. From today’s honoring of cinematic legend Saul Bass, to a recent tribute to the Star Trek franchise, to the expression of the importance of Earth Day, Google has managed to work up some wonderful, charming creations. Click through our gallery of the 10 Best Google Doodles, and let us know your own picks.

Credit: Google

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