Grace Bradley

Actor, Dancer
Born: 09/21/1913 in Brooklyn, New York, USA


Actor (18)

The Big Broadcast of 1938 1937 (Movie)


Anything Goes (Movie)

Bonnie Le Tour (Actor)

Brooklyn Orchid (Movie)

Sadie McGuerin (Actor)

Dangerous Waters (Movie)

Joan (Actor)

F-Man (Movie)

Evelyn (Actor)

Girl without a Room (Movie)

Nada (Actor)

It's All Yours (Movie)

Constance Marlowe (Actor)

Larceny on the Air (Movie)

Jean Sterling (Actor)

Old Man Rhythm (Movie)

Marion Beecher (Actor)

Romance on the Run (Movie)

Lily Lamont (Actor)

Sign of the Wolf (Movie)

Judy (Actor)

Sitting on the Moon (Movie)

Polly Blair (Actor)

Six of a Kind (Movie)

Trixie (Actor)

Stolen Harmony (Movie)

Jean Loring (Actor)

The Way to Love (Movie)

A Sunburned Lady (Actor)

There's Magic in Music (Movie)

Madie Duvalie (Actor)

Too Much Harmony (Movie)

Verne La Mont (Actor)

Wake up and Live (Movie)

Jean Roberts (Actor)


William Boyd Screenplay


William Boyd Actor

Married 1937 until his death Sept. 12, 1972