Graduation Day! Justin Bieber Gets His High School Diploma 

justin bieberNow, Justin Bieber can officially cross one more thing off his bucket list: 

1. No. 1 Album
2. Date Selena Gomez
3. Graduate High School

The multimillionaire 18-year-old quietly took e-classes and officially earned his diploma Thursday evening from St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in his native Ontario. 

The Biebs didn’t walk in the graduation ceremony but his name did appear in the program and his principal told media, “We are very proud of Justin and all the other 192 graduates of St. Michael school.”
In May, the pop star told the UK’s Daily Telegraph that he was graduating: “I passed my test – I’m free. It was hard doing school and work every day.”

What’s next for Justin now that he’s a high school grad? Should he take a year off to find himself and study abroad? Do you think he decorated his $100,000 Fisker Karma cruiser with “Class of 2012” spray paint?