Grandpa Jon Voight ‘Excited’ About Jolie-Pitt Twins

Jon Voight is thrilled to be a granddad to Angelina Jolie’s twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline.

The actor, who was promoting the new 24 prequel today, told reporters, “The most exciting thing is to have the little children, it is the most beautiful thing in the world. The most exciting thing and when they are part of your own family it is even more exciting. Of course you are worried, you’re concerned, you’re literally all that stuff and then she had these two babies and I was so excited for her.”

It turns out twins run in the family, “My niece had twins, but those are the only twins [in the family] I know about,” he says. 

Voight confesses he hasn’t heard from his daughter directly, but he has “heard little messages from her.” He plans to visit the brand new babies as soon as he’s “allowed.”

“When Angie says, “Come on over, I’ll go over.”