Greg Koller


Music (10)

Trainwreck 2015 (Movie)

Score Mixer (Original Score)

Trainwreck 2015 (Movie)

Score Engineer (Music Engineer)

The Gambler 2014 (Movie)

Music Recorder And Mixer (Music)

Delivery Man 2013 (Movie)

Score Recorder And Mixer (Score Recording)

ParaNorman 2012 (Movie)

Score Recording & Mixing (Score Mixing)

This Is 40 2012 (Movie)

Score Engineer/Score Mixer (Score Mixing)

Stone 2010 (Movie)

Score Recorder & Score Mixer (Score Recording)

The Other Guys 2010 (Movie)

Score Mixer (Score Mixing)

Synecdoche, New York 2008 (Movie)

Original Score Recorder and Mixer (Original Score)

The Break-Up 2006 (Movie)

(Score Mixing)