Gregoire Aslan

Actor, Musician
Born: 03/27/1908 in Turkey


Actor (31)

Meetings With Remarkable Men 1979 (Movie)

Armenian Priest (Actor)

Bloedverwanten 1976 (Movie)

Rudolphe De Guys (Actor)

The Killer Who Wouldn't Die 1975 - 1976 (TV Show)


The Girl From Petrovka 1973 (Movie)

Minister (Actor)

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad 1972 (Movie)

Hakim (Actor)

Le Sex Shop 1971 (Movie)

Father (Actor)

Marry Me! Marry Me! 1969 (Movie)

Monsieur Schmoll (Actor)

A Flea in Her Ear 1968 (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Our Man in Marrakesh 1966 (Movie)

Achmed (Actor)

A Man Could Get Killed 1965 (Movie)

Florian (Actor)

Lost Command 1965 (Movie)

Ben Saad (Actor)

Moment to Moment 1965 (Movie)

Edward DeFargo (Actor)

Marco the Magnificent 1964 (Movie)

Achmed Abdullah (Actor)

The High Bright Sun 1964 (Movie)

Gen Skyros (Actor)

Cleopatra 1963 (Movie)

Pothinos (Actor)

The Fanatics 1963 (Movie)

General Ribera (Actor)

Paris When It Sizzles 1962 (Movie)

Police Inspector (Actor)

The Criminal 1962 (Movie)

Frank Saffron (Actor)

King of Kings 1961 (Movie)

Herod (Actor)

The Devil at 4 O'Clock 1961 (Movie)

Marcel (Actor)

The Happy Thieves 1961 (Movie)

Dr Munoz (Actor)

The Rebel 1961 (Movie)

Aristotle Carreras (Actor)

Killers of Kilimanjaro 1960 (Movie)

Ben Ahmed (Actor)

The Three Worlds of Gulliver 1960 (Movie)

King Brobdingnag (Actor)

Our Man in Havana 1959 (Movie)

Cifuentes (Actor)

The Roots of Heaven 1958 (Movie)

Habib (Actor)

He Who Must Die 1957 (Movie)

Agha (Actor)

Sea Fury 1957 (Movie)

Fernando (Actor)

Windom's Way 1957 (Movie)

Lollivar (Actor)

Mr. Arkadin 1955 (Movie)

Bracco (Actor)

Act of Love 1953 (Movie)

Commissaire (Actor)



Film acting debut