‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actress Sarah Drew Is Pregnant

sarah drewPaging Doctor April Kepner to the maternity ward of Seattle Grace STAT!  Sara Ramirez’s character may have been sporting a fake baby bump last season, but next year fans can be on the lookout for some real baby bumps from our favorite doctors.  It has been confirmed that Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew is pregnant with her first child.  Drew and her husband Peter Lanfer will welcome the baby in January. 

While this is great news and I’m very happy for the couple, does anyone else see why this could present a problem to the plot line of Drew’s character when she starts to show, or am I the only Grey’s Anatomy fan left out there?  Drew’s character, April, is still a virgin!  So either someone is going to have to start getting busy in the on-call room, or the actress will be strategically placed behind high counters, potted plants, or baggy surgical garb.  So far, the only thing Grey’s producers have to say to us regarding Drew’s pregnancy is they have “not determined” if her character will also be pregnant on the show.  A big part of me hopes that they write this into the story.  Perhaps our dreamy Alex Karev, played by Justin Chambers, could be the one to corrupt the innocent girl — just some food for thought Shonda Rhimes

Drew, who began playing Dr. April Kepner in 2009, was promoted to series regular in June.  Looking forward to seeing the new twists and turns this change presents for her character, but regardless — congrats to the parents-to-be!

Source: US, E Online