Gustav Hoegen


Physical Effects (5)

The World's End 2013 (Movie)

Animatronic Model Designer (Animatronics)

Prometheus 2012 (Movie)

Animatronic Designer (Animatronics)

Clash of the Titans 2010 (Movie)

Animatronics Model Designer (Animatronics)

Inkheart 2009 (Movie)

Animatronics Supervisor(Millennium FX Limited) (Animatronics)

The Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy 2005 (Movie)

Animatronic Designer(Jim Henson's Creature Shop) (Animatronics)
Visual Effects & Animation (3)

Ex Machina 2015 (Movie)

Fabricators & Model Maker (Modelmaker)

Torchwood 2009 (Tv Show)

Special Effects Technician

Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008 (Movie)

Technician(Solution Studios) (Special Effects Technician)