Gwyneth Paltrow Didn’t Need Acting Lessons After High School

Gwyneth Paltrow visited the Spence School — her high school alma mater — last week to talk to the students and explain the many different levels of her awesomeness. The actress told the kids she hasn’t had any theater training beyond what she learned from that very school many years ago. But she doesn’t consider that to be a such a bad thing. In fact, she feels that’s all the education she needed since her mother and her own instincts taught her everything she needed to know. She stated, “I studied drama here, but I didn’t study it past being at Spence … My mother … has done a lot of stage work. I got a great education from her … and growing up here where I went to the theater all the time. I’ve developed my own technique, but the most important thing is your instincts.” You know, because learning more in college is just for amateurs.

I firmly believe Gwyneth Paltrow is incapable of having a single modest thought about herself. It feels like every word out of her mouth is dripping with condescension and now she’s subjecting innocent children to her skewed words of wisdom. I just don’t really understand where her self-importance comes from. Sure, she’s been on a few episodes of Glee and sings country songs now and then, but what else is she really doing with herself, not to mention her instinctual acting skills? She had a brief part in Contagion where she died from some sort of disease… which was not exactly a Meryl Streep performance. Maybe if she had a little more training she would’ve gotten a bigger role in the film, although she may be too busy saving lives or complaining about “sweaty” seat fillers. I guess GOOP’s work is never done.

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Source: NY Post