Gwyneth Paltrow Wore an Absolutely Insane Dress to the ‘Iron Man 3’ Premiere

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This week, Gwyneth Paltrow was named both the world’s most beautiful person and its most loathed celebrity. How does she celebrate? By showing up to the Iron Man 3 premiere in a dress that is, well, it’s both beautiful and hated. It’s sort of like the Cadbury Crème Egg of dresses: not everyone’s going to love it, but everyone is going to have an opinion. 

The Antonio Berardi creation is an amalgam of solid fabric and sheer panels, so it doesn’t look so much like an entirety of a dress, but rather like a dream she had right before she woke up still smelling, for some strange reason, the combination of sage and cardamom. From the back and the sides (as you can see below) Gwyneth’s perfect Pilates-sculpted rear end is visible from all sorts of angles. It’s like the high mistress of GOOP is saying, “Yes. I had two kids and my ass still looks this good. F**k you.” 

The problem is, I really want to hate the dress because, well, it’s on Gwyneth and she’s just showing off, but it is really freaking cool. At least she’s trying something interesting on the red carpet that’s way better than most bland stylists let their clients get away with. And this looks like a dress that every babe in a comic book would wear: it’s strange, archetectual, conceptual, and shows off way too much flesh to make any woman comfortable, but will get every man looking at it drooling. So, congrats, Gwyneth, your hated beauty wins again. 

Credit: Rob Latour / Rex USA

Credit: Jim Smeal / BEImages

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