Gwyneth Paltrow Joins ‘Glee’ For Two Episodes

gwyneth paltrowSince we’re all aware of the Country Song trailer, it shouldn’t come as a terrific surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow will play a substitute teacher (who’s also a love interest for Matthew Morrison’s Will Schuester) on Glee. Her two-episode arc will be aired in November, and the plot is rumored to be that Will gets sick and Paltrow’s character takes over the club while he recuperates.

E! Online reports producer/creator Ryan Murphy wrote the part specifically for Paltrow, as they are friends and both received the honor to call Jay-Z “Uncle J” on the same day. Apparently she will sing and dance, although I can’t picture the Glee club kids embracing her with open vocals since Glee generally abides by school rules and customs (the most important of which is to make newcomers feel unwelcome, especially since I spent the semester calling my substitute teacher “Mr. Polenta” instead of his real name), I’m pretty sure eventually they’ll realize not every blond woman is as poisoned by rayon as Kristin Chenoweth is.

But it’s just for two episodes, so probably nothing hierarchical happens. It’ll just be Will’s chance to meet a blond that isn’t an alcoholic and owns a roller rink. That oughta make up for the fact he can’t ever share a soda with his germaphobe of a girlfriend.

Source: E! Online