Gwyneth Paltrow Named ‘People’ Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person

While the majority of our society is focused on superficial triumphs like quality of character, good sportsmanship, and Scene-It aptitute, there are a select few people who still care about things like physical appearance. And reigning supreme in the eyes of this community of outliers is Gwyneth Paltrow, who has just nabbed the title of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person of 2013.

Credit: People

Paltrow, who has earned a spotlight spike thanks to her heightened role in the forthcoming film Iron Man 3, joins the ranks of recent Most Beautiful People, like Beyoncé Knowles (2012), Jennifer Lopez (2011), and Julia Roberts (2010).

But I call upon you, fellow embittered average-lookings, to stray from the hate you might be inclined to direct toward Paltrow right now. We must accept the beautifuls as our equals, cherish them for all of their flaws and follies. And after this little chat, if you still feel the need to hate her, just focus all your rage on GOOP. Ugh, that one with the GOOP.

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