Hafsia Herzi

Born: 01/25/1987


Actor (17)

My Sense of Modesty 2015 (Movie)


The Bag of Flour 2014 (Movie)


The King of Escape 2014 (Movie)

Curly Durandot (Actor)

War Story 2014 (Movie)

Hafsia (Actor)

Exit Marrakech 2013 (Movie)

Karima (Actor)

The Inheritance 2012 (Movie)


The Rabbi's Cat 2012 (Movie)


House of Pleasures 2011 (Movie)

Samira (Actor)

Jimmy Rivière 2011 (Movie)


Ma compagne de nuit 2011 (Movie)


The Source 2011 (Movie)

Loubna / Esmeralda (Actor)

The Flowers of Kirkuk 2010 (Movie)


Un homme et son chien 2009 (Movie)

Leila (Actor)

Buried Secrets 2008 (Movie)


Dawn of the World 2008 (Movie)

Zahra (Actor)

Francaise 2008 (Movie)


The Secret of the Grain 2008 (Movie)

Rym (Actor)


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