Half-Naked Brooklyn Decker Compares Self to ‘Bridesmaids’ ‘Nerd’

ALTSupermodels often like to explain that they were terribly dorky in high school and were teased for being too skinny throughout their lives. While these statements can’t be qualified, it does seem they’re only saying such things in an attempt to identify with us mousy-haired, average-height commoners. According to Brooklyn Decker, she’s still a total geek inside — but unlike most Comic-Con attendees, she has the ability to hide it.

In the latest issue of GQ, Decker says that she identifies with Kristen Wiig‘s character in Bridesmaids. “I feel like her character is my inner soul,” the model shares. “The ways she acts are my inner thoughts, but I just can’t express them because they’re too nerdy. So if he [husband Andy Roddick] was calling her crazy, I guess that makes me slightly crazy.” We’ll take the Battleship star’s word for it, though the accompanying shots of her lounging in her underwear undercut her point about being awkward and nerdy.


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