Hanna Schygulla

A luminous bold-featured, blonde Teutonic beauty, Hanna Schygulla met Rainer Werner Fassbinder while taking an acting class in Munich and began working with him at the Munich Action Theater, where he assembled the ... Read more »
Born: 12/25/1943 in Poland


Actor (63)

Unless 2016 (Movie)

Danielle (Actor)

Faust 2013 (Movie)


The Edge of Heaven 2008 (Movie)

Susanne Staub (Actor)

Winterreise 2006 (Movie)

Martha (Actor)

Die Blaue Grenze 2005 (Movie)


Vendredi Ou Un Autre Jour 2005 (Movie)


Promised Land 2003 (Movie)


Fassbinder in Hollywood 2002 (Movie)


Werckmeister Harmoniak 2001 (Movie)

Tunde Eszter (Actor)

Fassbinder's Women 1999 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Waiting For Sunset 1999 (Movie)

Eva Lehwe (Actor)

Black Out 1997 (Movie)

Marta (Actor)

Lea 1997 (Movie)

Wanda (Actor)

Chronicle 1996 (Movie)

Woman in Restauraunt (Actor)

Milim 1995 (Movie)

Spirit of Exile (Actor)

Aux Petits Bonheurs 1994 (Movie)

Lena (Actor)

The Night of the Film-Makers 1994 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Hey Stranger 1993 (Movie)

Tania (Actor)

The Blue Exile 1993 (Movie)

The Actress (Actor)

Ich Will Nicht Nur, Dass Ihr Mich Liebt 1992 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Metamorphosis of a Melody 1992 (Movie)


Petrified Garden 1992 (Movie)

Woman (Actor)

Warszawa Year 5703 1992 (Movie)

Stephania (Actor)

Dead Again 1991 (Movie)

Inga (Actor)

Golem, the Spirit of the Exile 1991 (Movie)

L'Esprit de l'Exil (Actor)

Abraham's Gold 1990 (Movie)

Barbel (Actor)

El Verano de la Senora Forbes 1990 (Movie)

Miss Forbes--Governess (Actor)

Beware of a Holy Whore 1989 (Movie)

Hanna (Actor)

Die Dritte Generation 1989 (Movie)

Susanne Gast (Actor)

Fontane Effi Briest 1989 (Movie)

Effi Briest (Actor)

Gods of the Plague 1989 (Movie)

Johanna (Actor)

Katzelmacher 1989 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

La Nuit de Varennes 1989 (Movie)

Countess Sophie de la Borde (Actor)

Lili Marleen 1989 (Movie)

Willie Bunterberg (Actor)

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant 1989 (Movie)

Karin Thimm (Actor)

The Marriage of Maria Braun 1989 (Movie)

Maria Braun (Actor)

The Merchant of Four Seasons 1989 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

Warum Lauft Herr R. Amok? 1989 (Movie)

Schoolfriend (Actor)

Miss Arizona 1988 (Movie)

Mitzi (Actor)

Casanova 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)


Forever, Lulu 1987 (Movie)

Elaine Hines (Actor)

The Delta Force 1986 (Movie)

Ingrid (Actor)

Eine Liebe in Deutschland 1984 (Movie)

Paulina Kropp (Actor)

Il Futuro e Donna 1983 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

Passion 1983 (Movie)

Hanna (Actor)

Circle of Deceit 1982 (Movie)

Arlane Nassar (Actor)

Antonieta 1981 (Movie)


Friends and Husbands 1981 (Movie)

Olga (Actor)

Storia di Piera 1981 (Movie)

Eugenia (Actor)

Berlin Alexanderplatz 1979 (Movie)

Eva (Actor)

Ansichten Eines Clowns 1974 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Wrong Move 1974 (Movie)

Therese Farner (Actor)

Bremer Freiheit 1971 (Movie)

Luise Maurer (Actor)

Wildwechsel 1971 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Das Kaffeehaus 1969 (Movie)

Lisaura (Actor)

Die Niklashauser Fahrt 1969 (Movie)

Johanna (Actor)

Pioniere in Ingolstadt 1969 (Movie)

Berta (Actor)

Rio das Mortes 1969 (Movie)

Hanna (Actor)

Baal 1968 (Movie)


Love Is Colder Than Death 1968 (Movie)

Johanna (Actor)

Barnum (TV Show)


Peter the Great (TV Show)



A luminous bold-featured, blonde Teutonic beauty, Hanna Schygulla met Rainer Werner Fassbinder while taking an acting class in Munich and began working with him at the Munich Action Theater, where he assembled the nucleus of his cinematic stock company. She appeared in nearly 20 features in 12 years for the workaholic director, her open-hearted sensuality burning brighter than the upper-class, intellectual alternative provided by another Fassbinder favorite Margit Carstensen. Providing the dramatic cornerstone of some of his finest films, Schygulla became established as one of the leading European actresses of her generation, and her facility with languages freed her to work in the idiom of different countries.


Jean-Claude Carrière Screenplay



Munich University

while enrolled, took an acting class in which she met Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Munich University

while enrolled, took an acting class in which she met Rainer Werner Fassbinder



Portrayed Magda Goebbels in Fernando Trueba's "The Girl of Your Dreams"


Acted in Ivan Fila's "Lea", which showed well at numerous European film festivals and earned a Golden Globe nomination as Best Foreign Film


Joined stellar international cast including Robert Mitchum, Cliff Robertson and Erland Josephson in "Waiting for Sunset"


Offered a wonderful turn as the sinister maid forever lurking and eavesdropping while painful emotions churned inside in Kenneth Branagh's noirish "Dead Again"


Played the mother of the title character in ABC movie "Casanova", featuring Richard Chamberlain


Starred in "Forever Lulu", a "Desperately Seeking Susan" clone which marked the actress' first time filming in the USA


Portrayed Swedish songbird Jenny Lind in the CBS biopic "Barnum", starring Burt Lancaster


Made American TV debut in the NBC mininseries "Peter the Great"


First US feature, "Delta Force"


Delivered a strong, heartfelt performance in Andrzej Wajda's "A Love in Germany"


Headlined "Friends and Husbands", written and directed by von Trotta, a film detailing a friendship between two women which threatens to eclipse both women's relationships with the men in their lives


Won the Best Actress Award at Cannes for her work in Marco Ferreri's "Story of Piera"


Appeared in Jean-Luc Goddard's "Passion"


Last feature with Fassbinder, "Lili Marleen"


Starred in Volker Schlondorff's "Circle of Deceit", co-written by von Trotta


Acted in Fassbinder's monumental TV epic "Berlin Alexanderplatz"


Played title character who exploits men to her success in "The Mariage of Maria Braun", which confirmed her as Fassbinder's ideal actress


Appeared in Wim Wenders' "Wrong Move", the second and least successful of the director's "road" trilogy


Portrayed Fassbinder's "Effi Briest", a woman married off to a Prussian merchant twenty years her senior; when her husband years later learns of an affair she had conducted, he challenges his rival to a duel and kills him, then divorced his wife (who soon


Explored her bisexuality in Fassbinder's "The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant" as a sexually self-confident female who can negotiate social mobility and class difference through her looks; Carstensen starred in title role


Reteamed with Fassbinder and von Trotta in "Beware of a Holy Whore"; this time the whore was cinema


Once again played a prostitute, the only character who does not exploit the title figure in Fassbinder's "Whity", a tale set in America's antebellum South (but shot in Spain)


Began seven-film acting collaboration with Margit Carstensen with "Die Niklashauser Fahrt", co-directed by Fassbinder and Michael Fengler, and Fassbinder's "Das Kaffehaus"


First films with Fassbinder as director, "Love Is Colder Than Death" (as a prostitute), "Gods of the Plague" (initial collaboration with actress Margarethe von Trotta) and "Katzelmacher" (film version of writer-director's first stage play)


Joined Munich Action Theater, where she worked with Rainer Werner Fassbinder (date approximate)


Acted in the short "The Bridegroom, The Comedienne, and the Pimp", written and directed by Jean-Marie Straub; Fassbinder played the pimp


Met father (who had been held as a POW during WWII) for the first time at age five (date approximate)


With mother, fled to Munich when the Red Army approached Kattowitz

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Called "Europe's Most Exciting Actress" in 1985 by TIME magazine.