Harry Harvey


Actor (81)

The Roy Rogers Show 1951 - 1964 (TV Show)


Pollyanna 1960 (Movie)

Editor (Actor)

The Sheepman 1958 (Movie)


Man in the Shadow 1957 (Movie)

Dr Creighton (Actor)

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend 1957 (Movie)

King (Actor)

The Return of Dracula 1957 (Movie)

Station Master (Actor)

The Naked Street 1955 (Movie)

Judge Roder (Actor)

Wyoming Renegades 1955 (Movie)


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954 (Movie)

Shipping Clerk (Actor)

The Glenn Miller Story 1954 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

Law and Order 1953 (Movie)

Land Agent (Actor)

The Narrow Margin 1952 (Movie)

Train Conductor (Actor)

Wagon Team 1952 (Movie)


Home Town Story 1951 (Movie)

Andy Butterworth (Actor)

Let's Make It Legal 1951 (Movie)

Postman (Actor)

The Big Carnival 1951 (Movie)

Dr Hilton (Actor)

They Live By Night 1949 (Movie)


Crossfire 1947 (Movie)

Man (Actor)

They Won't Believe Me 1947 (Movie)


Sunset Pass 1946 (Movie)


The Pride of the Yankees 1941 (Movie)


The Oregon Trail 1935 (Movie)

Tim (Actor)

Bad Man of Deadwood (Movie)

telegraph operator (Actor)

Badman's Territory (Movie)

Stationmaster (Actor)

Beat the Band (Movie)

Mr. Rogers (Actor)

Code of the Fearless (Movie)


Convicted (Movie)


Crack-Up (Movie)

Moran (Actor)

Cutter's Trail (TV Show)


Deadwood Dick (Movie)

Dave (Actor)

Dick Tracy's Dilemma (Movie)

Donovan, Cop (Actor)

Double Cross (Movie)

Protective Agency Manager (Actor)

Dr. Socrates (Movie)


Gangster's Boy (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Gangsters of the Frontier (Movie)

Frank Merritt (Actor)

Genius at Work (Movie)


Headline Crasher (Movie)

City Editor (Actor)

Hoedown (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

If You Knew Susie (Movie)

Sedley (Actor)

It's a Small World (Movie)

Dr. Brown (Actor)

Key to the City (Movie)

Waiter (Actor)

Lady Luck (Movie)

Desk Clerk (Actor)

Leave It to Henry (Movie)

Attorney (Actor)

Lost Ranch (Movie)


Man From Music Mountain (Movie)


Mercy Plane (Movie)

Curly (Actor)

Mexican Spitfire's Elephant (Movie)

Ship Steward (Actor)

Miss Grant Takes Richmond (Movie)

Councilman Reed (Actor)

My Dog Rusty (Movie)

Hebble (Actor)

Nob Hill (Movie)


Nocturne (Movie)

Police Doctor (Actor)

Public Enemy's Wife (Movie)


Rollin' Westward (Movie)

Watkins (Actor)

Romance of the Limberlost (Movie)

Jones (Actor)

Rusty Saves a Life (Movie)

Mr. Hebble (Actor)

Scarlet Angel (Movie)

Dr. Corbin (Actor)

Six Gun Gold (Movie)

Vander (Actor)

Six Shootin' Sheriff (Movie)

Todd (Actor)

Stanley and Livingstone (Movie)

Man (Actor)

Strike up the Band (Movie)

Shooting Gallery Concessionaire (Actor)

Superman and the Mole Men (Movie)

Doc Saunders (Actor)

Tea for Two (Movie)

Crotchety Man (Actor)

The Ballad of Andy Crocker (TV Show)


The Falcon's Adventure (Movie)

Duncan (Actor)

The House Across the Bay (Movie)


The Lone Wolf Returns (Movie)

Photographer (Actor)

The Marshal's Daughter (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (Movie)

George Larabee (Actor)

The Painted Trail (Movie)


The Rangers Take Over (Movie)

Bill Summers (Actor)

The Reckless Moment (Movie)

Post Office Clerk (Actor)

The Return of the Rangers (Movie)


The Sniper (Movie)


The Spider Returns (Movie)

Stephen (Actor)

The Spy Ring (Movie)


Thunder Mountain (Movie)

Sheriff Bagley (Actor)

Under Your Spell (Movie)


Under the Big Top (Movie)

McCarthy (Actor)

Under the Tonto Rim (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

Unmasked (Movie)

Saunders (Actor)

Youth Runs Wild (Movie)

Watchman (Actor)


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