Which Pop Star Got a Giant Butterfly Tattooed on His Stomach?

Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

Apparently, Harry Styles’ new idea of what makes you beautiful involves gigantic insect likenesses branded upon your torso. The 19-year-old One Direction member has added a new tattoo to the sea of ink already engulfing a large percentage of his anatomy: this new image, originally shared on tattoo artist Liam Sparkes’ Flickr (but since deleted), depicts a behemoth butterfly newly inked upon Styles’ general stomach region.

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Although there is no sign of Styles’ face in the image, particularly studious One Direction fans who have devoted long weekends to memorizing the enclaves of the Worcester-born singer’s physique can identify with no dearth of confidence Styles as the subject of the photo. It also doesn’t hurt that Styles has posted this pic to his Instagram, or that a rep confirmed to E! that it is quite definitely Styles. But true fans needed only check the freckle pattern.

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So setting aside that mystery, we’re left with a separate set of questions: Is that thing real? If so, what species of butterfly exactly is that? When and where did Styles’ passion for amateur entomology begin? Did he formerly have a caterpillar tattoo that just metamorphosed? Also, what the hell?

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