Hawke Article Prompts Keith to Blast Blogger

Actor Ethan Hawke inadvertently sparked a press-room feud at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday night after suggesting he’d witnessed a feud between Kris Kristofferson and another nameless country star in a new Rolling Stone magazine article.

In his story, the movie star stated Kristofferson’s wrath was aimed at a singer who had “a monster hit about bombing America’s enemies back into the Stone Age.”

This prompted The Tennessean writer Peter Cooper to name names in a pre-ACM Awards blog over the weekend. Cooper suggested Toby Keith was the anonymous star in Hawke’s article.

Keith took exception to this and blasted Cooper when he learned the blogger was sitting in the front row of the press room at the awards show, according to EW.com.

The country star’s tirade came after Kristofferson reportedly sent Cooper a letter, informing the blogger he was wrong.

Cooper tells EW.com, “Rolling Stone is standing by its story and its fact-checking. I never reported anything, only ran a celeb item pointing people to the Rolling Stone story, with some humor, and Toby seemed more upset with me than with Rolling Stone.”

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