Hefner to launch Bogart film festival

The Playboy founder has been named guest curator of the retrospective series, titled Here’s Looking at You, Humphrey Bogart, at the UCLA Film and Television Archive’s Billy Wilder Theater.

Hefner has chosen five classic Bogart films which will be screened alongside many of the late actor’s lesser known movies until 10 April (10).

The 83 year old will appear at the theatre on 25 March (10) to introduce a screening of The Maltese Falcon.

He tells the Los Angeles Times, “I am going to read the notes that I read when we run Maltese Falcon here at the (Playboy) mansion.”

And he credits the legendary movie star with inspiring him to expand his Playboy empire: “I think I opened the first Playboy Club because of Casablanca. I wanted to have a place where people came to hang out as they did at Rick’s. It has everything – not only Bogie’s charismatic character, but lost love, redemption, patriotism, humor – it had a great musical score.

“Then at the end of the ’30s and the very beginning of the ’40s, Bogie created this antihero that I very much identified with.”