Helen Mirren

Actor, Director
From the age of 13, when she played Caliban in a school production of "The Tempest," Helen Mirren knew she wanted to become an actress. Despite her working-class upbringing and her less-than-supportive parents, Mirren ... Read more »
Born: 07/25/1945 in Chiswick, England, GB


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From the age of 13, when she played Caliban in a school production of "The Tempest," Helen Mirren knew she wanted to become an actress. Despite her working-class upbringing and her less-than-supportive parents, Mirren emerged to become one of the most celebrated and decorated British actress of her time. With a combination of poise, confidence, intelligence and undeniable sex appeal, Mirren became famous for her challenging performances on stage and screen that often included removing her clothes, a public exhibition that sometimes stood in the way of her work. Nonetheless, Mirren turned in exquisite performances onstage with the Royal Shakespeare Company, before making a name in film and on television. But true stardom eluded her until she landed what became her signature role, playing a police inspector battling sexism and a troubled personal life in "Prime Suspect" (PBS, 1990), a role she returned to with frequency throughout the years. Mirren then reached the top of her game in 2006 when she won a slew of awards - including an Oscar - for her complex portrayal of Elizabeth II in "The Queen" (2006). Not only did Mirren affirm her status as a high-caliber actress, but she proudly relished the renewed attention to her allure, which aroused a new generation of fans accustomed to actresses less than half her age.


Taylor Hackford Director

Met when Hackford cast Mirren in "White Nights" (1985) Married Dec. 31, 1997 in Inverness, Scotland

Alexander Hackford

Born May 15, 1979 to Taylor Hackford and Lynn Littman

Rio Hackford

Born June 28, 1970; to Taylor Hackford and Georie Lowres Hackford

Pyotr Mironov

Russian Paternal grandfather

Basil Mirren

Russian; original surname Mironoff; adapted Mirren as a surname in 1955; played the viola with the London Philharmonic before World War II

Kathleen Mirren


Peter Mirren


Katherine Mirren


Liam Neeson Actor

Met while making "Excalibur" (1981) Lived together from 1981-85


International Centre for Theatre Research

Paris 1972 - 1973
Worked with Peter Brook

National Youth Theatre

London , England 1963 - 1964

Royal Shakespeare Company

St Bernard's Convent




Featured in Pixar's "Monsters University"


Received star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Starred in the action sequel "Red 2"


Portrayed the filmmaker's wife and longtime creative partner Alma Reville in "Hitchcock"


Played a former Mossad agent in "The Debt"


Played Hobson, the title character's nanny in the remake of "Arthur," opposite Russell Brand


Co-starred with Bruce Willis in "Red," an adaption of the comic book mini-series of the same name


Starred as Prospera in the Julie Taymor directed adaptation of Shakespeare's "The Tempest"


Starred in "Love Ranch," based on the true story of a married couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada; her husband Taylor Hackford directed the film


Cast as the ruthless editor of the Washington Globe in the political thriller, "State of Play"


Portrayed Sofya Tolstoy, opposite Christopher Plummer as Leo Tolstoy, in the German biographical film, "The Last Station"; earned Independent Spirit, Golden Globe, SAG and Oscar nominations for Best Actress


Published her memoir, In the Frame


Starred opposite Cuba Gooding Jr. in Lee Daniels' indie film "Shadowboxer"


Offered an award winning performance as the Queen of England in the Channel 4/HBO joint production of "Elizabeth I"


Portrayed Queen Elizabeth II following the tragic death of Diana, Princess Of Wales in "The Queen"


Reprised role of Inspector Jane Tennison in the PBS Masterpiece Theatre miniseries "Prime Suspect: The Final Act"; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Movie


Co-starred with Robert Redford and Willem Dafoe in the thriller "The Clearing"


Appeared in the Comedy "Raising Helen" directed by Garry Marshall


Starred in the television feature "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone"; received Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG nominations for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie


Starred in "Calender Girls"as one of the women of the Rylstone Women's Institute in North Yorkshire that posed nude in 1999, to raise money for Leukemia; earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress


Returned as Inspector Jane Tennison to the PBS Masterpiece Theatre miniseries "Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness''; received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Actress in a Miniseries or Movie (2004)


Co-starred in the Television movie "Door To Door"; earned Golden Globe and SAG nominations for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie; received an Emmy nomination for Supporting Actress


Cast as a ruthless TV news producer in Hal Hartley's "No Such Thing"


Directed the short, "Happy Birthday" (filmed 2000); aired on Showtime as part of Directed By series in the edition entitled "On the Edge"


Played the efficient housekeeper Mrs. Wilson in Robert Altman's "Gosford Park"; reteamed on screen with Clive Owen and Michael Gambon; earned second Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination


Returned to Broadway opposite Ian McKellen in "The Dance of Death"


Had leading comic role as a gardening expert in the British comedy "Greenfingers"; screened at Cannes; first screen teaming with Clive Owen (released theatrically in the USA in 2001)


Co-starred opposite Stuart Townsend in the Donmar staging of "Orpheus Descending"


Returned to the London stage in "Collected Stories"


Cast as the titular educator in the black comedy "Teaching Mrs. Tingle"


Gave a brilliant star turn in the title role of the Showtime film "The Passion of Ayn Rand"; received second Emmy Award


Starred opposite Alan Rickman in the London stage production of "Antony and Cleopatra"


Voiced the Queen in the animated feature "The Prince of Egypt"


Associate produced and starred as a faded rock singer turned sleuth in the British TV mystery "Painted Lady"; aired on PBS in the USA


First screen credit as associate producer on "Some Mother's Son"; also starred as an Irishwoman whose son is imprisoned for alleged IRA activities


Made Broadway debut in "A Month in the Country"; received a Tony nomination


Played the queen in "Prince of Jutland/Royal Deceit," a drama that purported to tell the "real" story of Hamlet


Received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination playing the loyal queen in "The Madness of King George"; co-starring Nigel Hawthorne and Rupert Everett


Created signature role of Detective Inspector Jane Tennison in the Granada Television drama "Prime Suspect" (aired in USA on PBS in 1991); reprised the role in several series between 1992 and 2006


Co-starred with Rupert Everett in the thriller "The Comfort of Strangers"


Had title role of the cheating spouse of a gangster in Peter Greenaway's "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" opposite Michael Gambon


Acted opposite Ben Kingsley in "Pascali's Island"


Starred opposite Harrison Ford in "The Mosquito Coast"


Met future husband Taylor Hackford when he directed her in "White Nights"


Offered a beautifully nuanced turn as the widow of a British soldier who falls in love with the young Irishman responsible for his death in "Cal"; earned the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival


Cast as a Russian astronaut in "2010"


Played Imogen in the BBC/PBS version of Shakespeare's "Cymbeline"


Had second go as the Egyptian queen in "Antony and Cleopatra" opposite Michael Gambon


Cast as the fairy queen Titania in the BBC/PBS adaptation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Was featured as Morgana (aka Morgan Le Fey) in John Boorman's "Excalibur"


Played the love interest to Bob Hoskins' gangster in the acclaimed "The Long Good Friday"


Co-starred in the notorious and controversial feature "Caligula"


Had lead role of Rosalind in the BBC/PBS production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It"; part of a series in which all the Bard's plays were performed


Garnered acclaim for her stage performance in "The Sea Gull"


Starred opposite Laurence Olivier, Alan Bates and Malcolm McDowell in British TV adaptation of Harold Pinter's play "The Collection"


Starred opposite Michael Jayston in the thriller "Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill" (ABC); film aired in Great Britain as "Coffin for the Bride"


Appeared in Lindsay Anderson's "O Lucky Man!"


Toured Africa and America with Peter Brook's theater company


Co-starred in Ken Russell's "Savage Messiah" and had title role in film "Miss Julie"


Had supporting role in the BBC production of "Cousin Bette"; aired on PBS' "Masterpiece Theater" in 1972


Offered memorable turn as the unclothed muse for James Mason in "Age of Consent"


Played Hermia in a British TV adaptation of "A Midsummer's Night Dream"; directed by Peter Hall (released theatrically in the USA)


Joined Royal Shakespeare Company


TV debut in BBC production of "Herostradus"


Played Cleopatra at the Old Vic with the National Youth Theater at age 18

Won raves for playing Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth"

Raised in Ilford and Southend-on-Sea, England

Bonus Trivia


Mirren has a small tatoo on her right hand just above her thumb. "I got it on an Indian reservation after I'd had a few drinks. I'd never have it removed, but I do have to cover it up sometimes." – from New York Newsday, Dec. 28, 1994


"Once my ambition was to be a great classical actress. Now I see acting as entertainment." – Mirren quoted in "Comfortable as a Queen or a Cop" by Blake Green in New York Newsday, Dec. 28, 1994


"I'm lucky with the culture I come from. There isn't the definition there is in America [where] you're either a film actress or a TV actress or a stage actress. I've literally done film, television, theater – and on a pretty substantial level. I don't think that's possible for American actors to do that." – Mirren quoted by Stephen Schaefer in USAToday, Jan. 4, 1995


"When I was about 25, I was really depressed and uptight and f*cked up. I went to a hand reader, this Indian guy in this funky neighborhood. He said, 'The height of your success won't happen till you're in your late forties.' From that moment on, I felt much better, because I realized I didn't want to know what was going to happen. I just wanted to get on with it." – Mirren quoted in Time Out New York, Feb. 6-13, 1997


"Acting isn't about wearing clothes, It's not about taking them off, either. That's not the creation of your career or the destruction." – Mirren on her penchant for appearing nude quoted in USA Today, Aug. 18, 1999


"There are some great film roles and a smaller number of women who are hanging on in there, like me. In fact, when they need someone who looks older, there are even fewer of us who haven't had plastic surgery. There's a difficult period between 44 and 58 when you're no longer a mature, good-looking woman and not yet an old bird, but after that it's fine." – Mirren quoted in London's The Sunday Times, Nov. 7, 1999


Asked if she regretted not having children, Mirren told The Guardian (Nov. 15, 1999): "God no. No, never. Absolutely never ever ever. I needed the freedom to do all the things I needed. So no absolutely never."


"I'm not a movie star. I'm not even famous. Career – I hate that word. It smacks of ambition. There's something embarrassing and slightly distateful about it to me. Maybe that's a British thing. You're supposed to be humble and dedicated and above all truthful. But you're not supposed to be ambitious." – Mirren quoted in the Daily News, July 22, 2001


"Greenfingers" and "Gosford Park" co-star Clive Owen on Mirren: "There is a sort of honesty to Helen's work. She's much too straightforward to succumb to any kind of 'like me' acting." – from the Daily News, July 22, 2001


"I associate her very strongly with some of the movies that inspired me to become a filmmaker. I felt like I was working with a legend." – Hal Hartley who directed Mirren in "No Such Thing" (2002), quoted in the Daily News, July 22, 2001


On working with Ian McKellen in "The Dance of Death" (2002) Mirren told Time Out New York (Sep. 13-20, 2001): "We do have two different rhythms, and I think we can learn from each other. He likes to dissect, analyze, pull it apart, and I just want to get out and do it. My fault in life is that I hurtle at things too fast."


"I learned my gardening from an old boyfriend. In fact, everything that has made me into a good person, I have learned from men." – Helen Mirren quoted in The Independent, Sept. 20, 2001


"My great triumph is not falling ass over tit as I came up those stairs." – Mirren, accepting her 2006 Emmy for the HBO miniseries "Elizabeth I"


"What people forget is that movie stars in their hearts are unemployed actors, because once in their lives they've – we've – all been the one that nobody wants, who gets turned down for the job and lives in a one-bedroom apartment in wherever." – Mirren to Los Angeles magazine, Feb. 2007


Mirren was quoted by GQ magazine (September 2008) as saying she used to dabble in marijuana and cocaine when she was younger.


"I'm pretty damn sure Queen Elizabeth did see ['The Queen']. But they will never tell me. Afterward, she invited me to tea. It was immensely gracious of her." – Mirren quoted in People, Sept. 19, 2011