Helen Mirren Is Against Young Girls Getting Plastic Surgery

The Dame has spoken! While the lovely Helen Mirren has no qualms about people getting plastic surgery in general, she does believe in there being limits. The actress recently admitted in the September issue of InStyle magazine that she doesn’t approve of young people altering their bodies. Dame Helen stated in the interview that, “The only thing I don’t like on young people is plastic surgery.” Furthermore, “The purity of youthful beauty is so fantastic to me that it’s horrific when young girls get fake things.”

The Oscar winner has never gone under the knife herself, but one look at her on the red carpet is enough to show anyone that this 66-year-old Dame doesn’t need to — she looks fantastic! Mirren is one of the few remaining icons of classic Old Hollywood who worries more about her acting craft than her next Botox appointment. Granted, Mirren’s not going so far as to start a league on this issue, but I agree with her outlook on the whole matter. As if one look at Megan Fox and Joan Rivers isn’t enough to convince you to just say no to surgery, now it’s been royally recommended as well. Wait until things start to sag, then go get tucked.

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Source: Radar Online