Henning Jensen


other (22)

Noget I Luften 2011 (Movie)


Gaven 2008 (Movie)

Morgens (Actor)

Kandidaten 2008 (Movie)


Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms 2008 (Movie)


What No One Knows 2008 (Movie)

Niels Lange-Erichsen (Actor)

After the Wedding 2007 (Movie)

Man, birthday (Actor)

Flickering Lights 2003 (Movie)


The Kingdom II 1998 (Movie)

Nivesen--Hospital Manager (Actor)

The Man Who Would Live Forever 1998 (Movie)


The Kingdom 1995 (Movie)

Hospital Manager (Actor)

Zentropa 1992 (Movie)

Siggy (Actor)

Farlig Leg 1990 (Movie)


Med doden inde pa livet 1988 (Movie)

(Production Manager)

Hip, Hip, Hurrah! 1987 (Movie)


Peter von Scholten 1987 (Movie)


Elise 1985 (Movie)

Dragoons Captain (Actor)

Udenrigskorrespondenten 1982 (Movie)

Alex Hansen (Actor)

Interferens 1981 (Movie)


Nyt Legetoej 1976 (Movie)

Klaus (Actor)

Normannerne 1974 (Movie)


19 Rode Roser 1973 (Movie)


Nitten Roede Roser 1973 (Movie)