Henry Kulky

Born: 08/11/1911


Actor (26)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1964 - 1968 (TV Show)


A Global Affair 1963 (Movie)

Charlie (Actor)

All Fall Down 1962 (Movie)

Sailor (Actor)

Guns of the Timberland 1960 (Movie)

Logger (Actor)

The Gunfight at Dodge City 1958 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Up Periscope 1958 (Movie)

York (Actor)

Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Cops 1955 (Movie)

Brakerman (Actor)

Illegal 1955 (Movie)

Taylor (Actor)

Jail Busters 1955 (Movie)

Marty (Actor)

Love Me or Leave Me 1955 (Movie)

Bouncer (Actor)

New York Confidential 1955 (Movie)

Gino (Actor)

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing 1955 (Movie)

Warden (Actor)

To Hell and Back 1955 (Movie)

Stack (Actor)

A Star Is Born 1954 (Movie)

Cuddles (Actor)

Fireman Save My Child 1954 (Movie)

Harry (Actor)

Hell and High Water 1954 (Movie)

Gunner McCrossin (Actor)

Phantom of the Rue Morgue 1954 (Movie)


Prince of Players 1954 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Down Among the Sheltering Palms 1953 (Movie)

First Sergeant Jones (Actor)

The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T 1953 (Movie)

Stroogo (Actor)

The Glory Brigade 1953 (Movie)

Sergeant Smitowsky (Actor)

The Charge at Feather River 1952 (Movie)

Pvt. Smiley (Actor)

The World in His Arms 1952 (Movie)

Peter, Russian Servant (Actor)

Fixed Bayonets 1951 (Movie)

Vogl (Actor)

Love Nest 1950 (Movie)


Hennessey (TV Show)