Henry Stephenson

Born: 04/15/1871


Actor (57)

Oliver Twist 1947 (Movie)

Mr Brownlow (Actor)

Lady From Louisiana 1940 (Movie)


Marie Antoinette 1937 (Movie)


Suez 1937 (Movie)


The Young in Heart 1937 (Movie)


Conquest 1936 (Movie)


Mutiny on the Bounty 1935 (Movie)

Sir Joseph Banks (Actor)

The Charge of the Light Brigade 1935 (Movie)


Captain Blood 1934 (Movie)

Lord Willoughby (Actor)

One More River 1933 (Movie)


Little Women 1932 (Movie)


A Bill of Divorcement 1931 (Movie)

Dr Alliot (Actor)

Cynara 1931 (Movie)


Beloved Enemy (Movie)

Lord Athleigh (Actor)

Challenge to Lassie (Movie)

Sir Charles Loring (Actor)

Double Harness (Movie)

Col. Colby (Actor)

Down Argentine Way (Movie)

Don Diego Quintana (Actor)

Dramatic School (Movie)

Pasquel, Sr. (Actor)

Enchantment (Movie)

Gen. Fitzgerald (Actor)

Give Me Your Heart (Movie)

Edward, Lord Farrington (Actor)

Guilty As Hell (Movie)

Dr. Tindall (Actor)

Half Angel (Movie)

Prof. Jerome Hargraves (Actor)

Hearts Divided (Movie)

Charles Patterson (Actor)

If I Were Free (Movie)

Hector Stribling (Actor)

It's a Date (Movie)

Capt. Andrews (Actor)

Ivy (Movie)

Judge (Actor)

Julia Misbehaves (Movie)

Lord Pennystone (Actor)

Little Old New York (Movie)

Chancellor Livingstone (Actor)

Man Who Lost Himself (Movie)

Frederick Collins (Actor)

Man of Two Worlds (Movie)

Sir Basil Pemberton (Actor)

Mr. Lucky (Movie)

Mr. Bryant (Actor)

Outcast Lady (Movie)

Sir Maurice Harpenden (Actor)

Red Headed Woman (Movie)

Gaerste (Actor)

Rings on Her Fingers (Movie)

Col. Prentiss (Actor)

She Loves Me Not (Movie)

Dean Mercer (Actor)

Spring Parade (Movie)

The Emperor (Actor)

Stingaree (Movie)

Mr. Clarkson (Actor)

Tarzan Finds a Son! (Movie)

Sir Thomas Lancing (Actor)

Tarzan and the Amazons (Movie)

Henderson (Actor)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Movie)

Sir Ronald Ramsgate (Actor)

The Animal Kingdom (Movie)

Rufus Collier (Actor)

The Baroness and the Butler (Movie)

Count Albert Sandor (Actor)

The Emperor's Candlesticks (Movie)

Prince Johann (Actor)

The Green Years (Movie)

Blakely (Actor)

The Homestretch (Movie)

Balcares (Actor)

The Hour Before the Dawn (Movie)

Gen. Hetherton (Actor)

The Mystery of Mr. X (Movie)

Sir Herbert Frensham (Actor)

The Prince and the Pauper (Movie)

Duke of Norfolk (Actor)

The Richest Girl in the World (Movie)

Jonathan Connors (Actor)

Thirty-Day Princess (Movie)

Anatole XII (Actor)

This Above All (Movie)

Gen. Cathaway (Actor)

Tomorrow at Seven (Movie)

Drake (Actor)

Two Girls and a Sailor (Movie)

John Dyckman Brown I (Actor)

Vanessa, Her Love Story (Movie)

Barney (Actor)

Walking on Air (Movie)

Mr. Bennett (Actor)

Wise Girl (Movie)

Mr. Fletcher (Actor)


Ann Shoemaker



Rugby School