Herman Bing

Actor, Vaudevillian, Assistant director
Born: 03/30/1889 in Germany


Actor (44)

Where Do We Go From Here? 1945 (Movie)

Hessian Colonel (Actor)

Dumbo 1940 (Movie)

of Ringmaster (Voice)

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife 1937 (Movie)


Every Day's a Holiday 1937 (Movie)


The Great Waltz 1937 (Movie)

[Otto] Dommayer (Actor)

Maytime 1936 (Movie)

(Archipenco) (Actor)

That Girl From Paris 1935 (Movie)

'Hammy' Hammacher (Actor)

The Great Ziegfeld 1935 (Movie)


$1,000 a Minute 1934 (Movie)

Vanderbrocken (Actor)

The Call of the Wild 1934 (Movie)


Hide-Out 1933 (Movie)

Jake (Actor)

Manhattan Love Song 1933 (Movie)

Gustave (Actor)

The Merry Widow 1933 (Movie)

Zizipoff (Actor)

Footlight Parade 1932 (Movie)

Fralick (Actor)

Adventure in Manhattan (Movie)

Tim (Actor)

Blessed Event (Movie)

Emil (Actor)

Broadway Melody of 1940 (Movie)

Silhouettist (Actor)

Champagne Waltz (Movie)

Max Snellinek (Actor)

Chance at Heaven (Movie)

Chauffeur (Actor)

College Coach (Movie)

Glantz (Actor)

Crimson Romance (Movie)

Himmelbaum (Actor)

Dimples (Movie)

Proprietor (Actor)

Evelyn Prentice (Movie)

Klein, the Antique Dealer (Actor)

Fighting Youth (Movie)

Luigi (Actor)

Four's a Crowd (Movie)

Barber (Actor)

Human Cargo (Movie)

Ftitz Schulz (Actor)

Hypnotized (Movie)

Capt. Von Stromberg (Actor)

In Caliente (Movie)

Mexican Florist (Actor)

Jewel Robbery (Movie)

Alpine Tourist (Actor)

Lady Killer (Movie)

Western director (Actor)

Mandalay (Movie)

Prof. Kleinschmidt (Actor)

Manhattan Melodrama (Movie)

German Proprietor (Actor)

Married in Hollywood (Movie)

Herr Director (Actor)

One Night of Love (Movie)

Vegetable Man (Actor)

Silver Dollar (Movie)


Sweethearts (Movie)

Oscar Engel (Actor)

The Bowery (Movie)

Max Herman (Actor)

The Devil with Hitler (Movie)

Loui (Actor)

The Florentine Dagger (Movie)

The Baker (Actor)

The Guardsman (Movie)

Creditor (Actor)

The King Steps Out (Movie)

Pretzelberger (Actor)

The Music Goes 'round (Movie)

Singer (Actor)

Vagabond Lady (Movie)