Hey, Celebs: You’re Not Makeup-Free in a Photo If You’re Not Make-Up Free

ALTWe get it, celebrities. You are gorgeous. More gorgeous than we could ever dream to be. In fact, even in our dreams, we’re not half as good-looking as you. (But that’s okay, since our good-hearted husband Jon Hamm always tells us he loves us anyway. And then he does the dishes! Joy.)

So we only ask one thing of you, beautiful celebrities: When you agree to makeup-free photo shoots, or post a picture of yourself along with the tweet “no makeup,” please be sure that you actually are makeup-free. So, sorry Demi Lovato: You might claim you look like this naturally when going to bed at night, but no one I know boasts fuchsia-shaded lips without the help of lipstick or a raspberry slurpee. And I hate to tell you, Audrina Patridge, but it’s hardly brave to appear in a picture sporting heavy eyeliner and blush.

Please, we only ask that you play fair — if we have to live up to your impossible beauty standards in our day-to-day lives, at least give us a reason once in a blue moon (thank you, Katy Perry!) to make us feel like we’re catching up. Now, carry on about your fabulous lives. We have to go anyway — Jon Hamm just offered us a new kitten and a backrub.

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