Hey Girl, Sit on Ryan Gosling for $374

2012holidaygiftback651.jpgRyan Gosling Chair

Every now and then there’s a product that comes along that I wish I invented: Facebook, the EZ Bake Oven, Wite-Out and now, the Ryan Gosling FaceChair. 
For just $374, you can have this lovely piece of wooden furniture in your home and invite all of your friends to come have a seat on the guy from The Notebook. 
The geniuses over at Facechairs.com offer a small selection of celebrity chairs and pillows, including George Clooney, Barack Obama and Lady Gaga chairs and a crazy-brilliant Angelina Jolie eye mask that smells like lavender (but infuses you the aura of intimidation and humanitarianism). 
And of course, the one everyone wants: the Gosling chair. 
Hey girl, what are you waiting for?