Hey, Good Lookin’! The 20 Hottest Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2012 — PICS


celebrity bikini body pic

When celebrities step out onto a red carpet, fans can’t help but obsess over their different glamorous looks — or, as is often more appropriate, pick apart their godawful decisions. And that intense scrutiny doesn’t disappear when celebrities move from the red carpet to the beach. While on vacation, Hollywood’s leading ladies undress as they unwind, stripping down to their bikinis for a whole new round of judgement from their fans.

As much as it may pain us, we can’t help but look at these celebrities and their flawless bikini bodies — oh what we wouldn’t do for a personal trainer and live-in chef! Just in time for an overload of Holiday sweets and the gym-centric New Year’s resolutions that are sure to follow, here are the gorgeous women who flaunted their bikini bods in 2012. 

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