Hilary Swank’s PR Company Drops Her

Hilary Swank faced some harsh consequences after attending a party for Chechen President (and alleged human rights violator) Ramzan Kaydrov. Obviously human rights groups were not too thrilled she rubbed elbows with that kind of company, but now a source revealed that even her PR team at 42West decided to drop her as a client because of the whole party debacle. According to Entertainment Weekly, the publicity firm parted ways with Swank over a disagreement on how best to deal with the fallout from the Chechnya party scandal, which Swank apologized for three weeks ago.

Earlier this week, Swank tried to further clean her image by firing her manager of eight years, Jason Weinberg, and two of his associates at CAA, but not her lawyer, Jeff Bernstein, who reportedly played a significant role in the Chechnya visit. Perhaps 42West didn’t approve of its client’s firing rampage and decided to preemptively get rid of her in fear she would be coming for them next. But now, not only does the world see she has terrible RSVP skills, but it appears as though she also lets others take the fall for her poorly judged actions.

42West has not returned calls from sources seeking clarification on the dispute, and Swank’s lawyer also has yet to comment on the matter, but that could just be because she ended up firing him too. That seems to be her go-to move nowadays, so I guess, in a way, she had all this coming.

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Source: EW