Hilton Denies Ronaldo Romance Reports

Paris Hilton has dismissed reports that she moved on from her recent break-up with Doug Reinhardt by romancing Portuguese soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo — insisting they are “just good friends.”

The hotel heiress recently ended her six-month romance with baseball player Reinhardt, announcing the news on Tuesday through her publicist.

But just a day after the split, the hotel heiress was spotted getting close to Manchester United player Ronaldo in a Los Angeles nightclub — prompting rumors of a new relationship.

But Hilton insists she is not dating Ronaldo — and remains coy over whether romance will bloom in the future.

She says, “Cristiano and I are good friends. Very good friends. He’s a nice guy — and an incredible athlete. We’re getting to know each other and I have to leave it at that.”

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