Hobart Cavanaugh

Born: 09/22/1886 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA


Actor (74)

A Letter to Three Wives 1947 (Movie)

Mr. Manleigh (Actor)

Margie 1946 (Movie)

Mr. Angus MacDuff (Actor)

Thieves Fall Out 1940 (Movie)


An Angel From Texas 1939 (Movie)


Cowboy From Brooklyn 1938 (Movie)


Three Smart Girls 1936 (Movie)


Cain and Mabel 1935 (Movie)


Two Against the World 1935 (Movie)


A Midsummer Night's Dream 1934 (Movie)

Philostrate (Actor)

Captain Blood 1934 (Movie)

Dr Bronson (Actor)

The Mayor of Hell 1933 (Movie)

Mr. Groman (Actor)

A Study in Scarlet (Movie)

Innkeeper (Actor)

Black Angel (Movie)

Jake (Actor)

Broadway Gondolier (Movie)

Gilmore (Actor)

Bureau of Missing Persons (Movie)

Mr. Harris (Actor)

Cinderella Jones (Movie)

George (Actor)

Colleen (Movie)

Noggin (Actor)

Dangerous Blondes (Movie)

Pop (Actor)

Dark Hazard (Movie)

George Mayhew (Actor)

Don Juan Quilligan (Movie)

Mr. Rostigaff (Actor)

Dr. Socrates (Movie)

Floyd Stevens (Actor)

Fashions of 1934 (Movie)

M. Gautier (Actor)

From Headquarters (Movie)

Muggs Manton (Actor)

Gildersleeve on Broadway (Movie)

Homer (Actor)

Harold Teen (Movie)

Pop (Actor)

Headline Shooter (Movie)

Happy (Actor)

Hearts Divided (Movie)

Innkeeper (Actor)

Hi, Nellie! (Movie)

Fullerton (Actor)

Hired Wife (Movie)

William (Actor)

Home Movies (Movie)


Horror Island (Movie)

Jasper (Actor)

Housewife (Movie)

George Wilson (Actor)

I Cover the Waterfront (Movie)

McCoy (Actor)

I Stole a Million (Movie)

Bookkeeper (Actor)

I Wanted Wings (Movie)

Mickey (Actor)

Idiot's Delight (Movie)

Frueheim, the Theater Manager (Actor)

Jack London (Movie)

Mike (Actor)

Jackass Mail (Movie)

"Gospel" Jones (Actor)

Jimmy the Gent (Movie)

The Imposter (Actor)

Kismet (Movie)

Moolah (Actor)

Lady on a Train (Movie)

Drunk (Actor)

Lilly Turner (Movie)

Earle (Actor)

Love Letters of a Star (Movie)

Chester Blodgett (Actor)

Love, Honor and Oh Baby! (Movie)

Darnell (Actor)

Mandalay (Movie)

Purser (Actor)

My Woman (Movie)

Mr. Miller (Actor)

Night Key (Movie)

Petty Louie (Actor)

No Marriage Ties (Movie)

Smith (Actor)

Picture Snatcher (Movie)

James Peters (Actor)

Playmates (Movie)

Tremble (Actor)

Rose of Washington Square (Movie)

Whitey Boone (Actor)

Roughly Speaking (Movie)

Teacher (Actor)

Skylark (Movie)

Small man in subway car (Actor)

Stand By for Action (Movie)

Carpenter's Mate "Chips" (Actor)

State Fair (Movie)

Hog Judge (Actor)

Steamboat Round the Bend (Movie)

A Listener (Actor)

Tell No Tales (Movie)

Charlie Daggett (Actor)

The Adventures of Jane Arden (Movie)

Suspect (Actor)

The Ghost Comes Home (Movie)

Ambrose Bundy (Actor)

The Golden Arrow (Movie)

De Wolfe (Actor)

The Human Comedy (Movie)


The Lady Consents (Movie)

Yardley (Actor)

The Magnificent Dope (Movie)

Albert Gowdy (Actor)

The Meanest Man in the World (Movie)

Mr. Throckmorton (Actor)

The Merry Wives of Reno (Movie)

Derwent (Actor)

The Spider Woman Strikes Back (Movie)

Mr. Stapleton (Actor)

The St. Louis Kid (Movie)

Richardson (Actor)

There's Magic in Music (Movie)

Announcer (Actor)

Together Again (Movie)

Perc Mather (Actor)

Up in Central Park (Movie)

Mayor Oakley (Actor)

Whistling in Dixie (Movie)

Panky (Actor)

Wife vs. Secretary (Movie)

Joe (Actor)

Wings in the Dark (Movie)

Mac (Actor)

Zenobia (Movie)

Mr. Dover (Actor)