Holly Dishes on Hef Break-Up

Holly Dishes on Hef Break-Up

Holly Madison
Holly Madison

Holly Madison, star of that stellar reality show The Girls Next Door, has a few choice words to say about her recent break-up with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner:

“I’m just kind of sad … I wish he would’ve seen it coming,” she told Extra. “Everybody was surprised when it happened because even though I was unhappy for a long time, the split happened suddenly …The signs were there. I was depressed for a while.”

That must have been rough for the former Playmate, but she knew what she had to do when she realized she “got too old for Hef” and wanted to settle down and have a family. Luckily, Hef hasn’t thrown her out of the mansion, letting her stay in a guest room while her condo is being finished. 

Such a sweet guy.

Madison still considers him a good friend, but she says he could be a little hard to deal with at times. “Sorry, Hef, you know you’re high maintenance. I love you but you know you’re high maintenance.” 


No matter. Hefner, of course, is already getting busy with new 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, while Madison is enjoying some free time with magician extraordinaire Criss Angel at his new Cirque Du Soleil show Believe in Las Vegas.

So, are Madison and Angel officially a couple? Says Angel to Extra: “We’re good friends, and we love spending time with each other.”

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