Which Hollywood Family Makes the Most Money?

Will Smith + Jaden Smith = $208 Million
Will Smith + Jaden Smith = 8 Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
With so many talented families in Hollywood, we decided to figure out which gene pool was at the top of the numbers game. The After Earth father/son team of Will and Jaden Smith rake in the impressive net worth of $208 million combined, nearly enough to refurbish the apocalyptic planet in their new movie.
Goldie Hawn + Kate Hudson = $98 Million
Goldie Hawn + Kate Hudson =  Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
This mother/daughter pair nears the $100 million mark. Considering Hawn hasn't been in a movie since 2002, it seems like it's Hudson's rom-coms that are keeping the family in business.
Meryl Streep + Mamie Gummer = $55 Million
Meryl Streep + Mamie Gummer =  Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
Sure, the Streep/Gummer family caps at $55 million, but when you factor total number of Oscar nominations, they're way in the lead.
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James Caan + Scott Caan = $50 Million
James Caan + Scott Caan =  Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
Protecting Hawaii from street crime might not pay well, but all that mob money gives the Caan boys some financial stability.
Jon Voight + Angelina Jolie = $165 Million
Jon Voight + Angelina Jolie = 5 Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
What with her propensity to wrangle as many children as she can find to join her and husband Brad Pitt's household, it doesn't hurt that Jolie and father Jon Voight have $165 million in the family bank.
Blythe Danner + Gwyneth Paltrow = $185 Million
Blythe Danner + Gwyneth Paltrow = 5 Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
After her game-changing turn as a badass Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3, we can predict (or hope for) a heroic line of Marvel films for one Gwyneth Paltrow. She'll need some of the family's $185 million to invest in her own patented cyborg suit.
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Bruce Willis + Rumer Willis = $152.5 Million
Bruce Willis + Rumer Willis = 2.5 Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
Between a New York City cop and a Beverly Hills student, where exactly is this $152.5 million coming from?
Eric Roberts + Emma Roberts = $16 Million
Eric Roberts + Emma Roberts =  Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
Despite Eric having 57 (yes, 57) movies in production, and Emma rising in stardom at a rapid rate, the Roberts family only has $16 million. But we can expect the latter's career to offer the clan a pretty profitable future.
Martin Sheen + Charlie Sheen = $175 Million
Martin Sheen + Charlie Sheen = 5 Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
We're not exactly sure that this money is being spent in the most responsible way imaginable (especially in terms of son Charlie), but the Sheens have a pretty healthy $175 stocked away.
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Tom + Colin Hanks = $365 Million
Tom + Colin Hanks = 5 Million
Hollywood.com Illustration
It might just be all that Bubba Gump money, but the all-too-likable Hanks family has one million dollars for every day of the year, making them the highest earning Hollywood family of the bunch. And this isn't even bringing Rita Wilson into the equation.