Hollywood producer Rudin targetted in new tell-all

Hollywood screenwriter Paul Rudnick, who worked with Rudin on The Addams Family and The First Wives Club, blast his former collaborator in a collection of essays entitled I Shudder: And Other Reactions to Life, Death, and New Jersey.

In the tome, Rudnick recalls the producer’s humiliating treatment of his employees, and insists his bad reputation is well-deserved.

He recalls an alleged incident when Rudin fired one impaired worker: “(An) assistant in the office was legally blind.

“When Scott would fire him, which was often, this assistant would stand patiently out on the sidewalk, waiting for the handicapped van, at a bus stop in full view of Scott’s office window. Watching this… Scott would always relent and sent a lesser assistant out to rehire the blind one.”

But the writer believes Rudin’s no-nonsense attitude is all a facade – insisting he’s always there when people really need his help.

He adds: “Scott is secretly and genuinely caring. When any of his friends, his employees, or their family members are in real trouble, when someone gets sick, or a parent dies, or a writer or an actor or a director falls on hard times, Scott shows up and, very quietly, he offers everything: money, doctors, transportation, and hope. If people ever found out about this side of Scott, his reputation would be ruined.”