Hollywood Producer Sherwood Schwartz Dead at Age 94

sherwood schwartzToday we say goodbye to legendary Hollywood producer, Sherwood Schwartz, who died in his sleep in Los Angeles at the age of 94 while surrounded by his family.  Most of us will remember him by his work in television classics such as The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island.  Originally from New Jersey, Schwartz moved cross country to Southern California where he began writing jokes for Bob Hope’s radio program where his brother, Al Schwartz, was working.  In time he transitioned from radio to television and in 1961 he won an Emmy as a writer for comedian Red Skelton. One of his greatest accomplishments came only a few years later when he created Gilligan’s Island, which only lasted a few years but continues to be watched many generations later (thank goodness for re-runs).  Shortly after that in 1969 he debuted his iconic TV series The Brady Bunch, which lasted until 1974 and established Schwartz as a true Hollywood gem.  He was even honored  with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 7, 2008.  And that’s the way we all became The Sherwood Bunch.

Schwartz is survived by his wife of 69 years (might be a Hollywood record), Mildred Schwartz, and four children.  Rest in piece Mr. Schwartz — a part of you will live forever through your many wonderful contributions to the entertainment industry.

Source: Radar Online