Hollywood’s Highs And Lows: July 14, 2010

Welcome to Hollywood’s Highs And Lows, where we bring you the high points and low blows of the entertainment world.

Today’s Highs

May the 4/5/6 Be With You

You know, I take the 6 train every day to and from work, and I’ve never gotten to see a Star Wars reenactment. Not even of one of the prequels! If, like me, you missed the action on the train, check out this video for a glimpse into how nerds with too much time on their hands keep busy.

Today’s Lows

ALTWe are defenders of the night, we are Gargoyles!

Disney is pitching a new film about gargoyles, and yet somehow it’s not an adaptation of Gargoyles, their much-beloved early 90’s cartoon. It seems a bit silly to ignore their standing franchise, it’s sort of like Marvel making a movie about a superhero with arachnid-based powers and calling him Man-Spider. On the other hand, if Disney were to announce that it was making a Gargoyles film, there would inevitably be a lot of complaining about Hollywood’s need to remake everything that isn’t nailed down. Disney’s stuck in a tough publicity situation, either they make a film that ruins the original series, or ignores it in favor for something worse. The only way out of it for them is to make a good Gargoyles film, or turn an original idea into a film. Which seem astronomically unlikely.

Source: THR