Hollywood’s Highs And Lows: June 9, 2010

Today’s Highs

ALTOmar Comin’! (To NYC)

Are you a fan of The Wire and paintball? If so, Saturday is your lucky day. And you have a strange range of interests. But if you live in the NYC area and have $750 to spare, you can officially play a game of paintball with the cast of the Wire, courtesy of Jamie Hector. Hector, who played drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield, is throwing the fundraiser for his non-profit organization, Moving Mountains. He can call it a “friendly” game of paintball as much as he wants, but I’m still a worried that someone’s going to end up shot in the head and left in the vacants.

Former cast-mates Michael K. Williams (Omar), Sonia Sohn (Kima), Felicia Pearson (Snoop), and Anwar Glover (Slim Charles) are also making appearances at the fundraiser. The announcement is vague, but I doubt that the actors will actually take part in the paintball. Which is a shame, since it would be great to see the Marlo-Omar showdown that never was, even in paintball form. But inevitably someone would take a headshot at Michael K. Williams, and we’re still really not okay with that.

For more information, check out the Moving Mountains Website. And because we’ll take any excuse to run this clip:

Today In Girly Stereotypes: Standing On Chairs And Screaming

In this clip from Extras, Salma Hayek, Maria Bello and Maya Rudolf were promoting the upcoming Grown Ups when disaster struck. A snake decided to take matters into its own hands and rid the world of the cinematic disaster-in-the-making by viciously attacking the three actresses. Or at least that must be what’s happening off-screen, otherwise Maria Bello and Salma Hayek’s screaming freak-out is a completely over the top and uncalled-for. I have a newfound respect for Maya Rudolf though, who stayed calm and collected despite the shrieking banshees clinging to her head.

Today’s Lows

ALTMr. T Pities The Fool Who Goes To See The New A-Team Movie

Mr. T may be a bad-ass dude, but he spoke out today against the new A-Team movie for being too “graphic.” T, who played B.A. Baracas in the original 70’s TV show, told reporters that the franchised had changed a lot since its family-friendly heyday. “People die in the film and there’s plenty of sex, but when we did it no one got hurt and it was all played for fun and family entertainment. These seem to be elements nobody is interested in anymore” he continued.

The new A-Team is pretty tame by today’s action standards, getting away with a PG-13 rating, but it’s easy to see what Mr. T is talking about. I don’t have a problem with violence in films, but with movies like this it becomes a crutch for the film to lean on. Instead of developing a worthwhile story or interesting characters, they can always just throw in another slightly different fight scene. Kids can definitely handle seeing fake violence, and most of the time they even like it, but there’s other things that movies can show them too.

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