Holy Crap, Sandra Bullock’s Wax Figure Looks Real! Let’s Play: Real Person or Wax Figure?

sandra bullock wax figure

Will wax figures ever not be creepy? You don’t need to have seen Mystery of the Wax Museum or House of Wax (either the 1953 or 2005 version) to get a shiver down your spine when you walk past Madame Tussauds. And honestly, we’re not sure which is worse: when a wax figure is incredibly lifelike — like Sandra Bullock‘s doppelganger (above), which was revealed at the Las Vegas Madame Tussauds on Thursday — or when something is a little… off.

But the realism of these wax figures poses another unnerving question: Are wax sculptors getting better? Or is Hollywood become more fake? Either way, these days it’s hard to tell the difference between real people and their cold, shiny counterparts. Can you tell which of the eight “celebrities” below are real people, and which are wax figures? Scroll down for the answers. 

1. Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie

2. Taylor Swift

taylor swift

3. Russell Brand

russell brand

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

joseph gordon-levitt

5. Queen Elizabeth

queen elizabeth

6. Kate Winslet

kate winslet

7. Lady Gaga

lady gaga

8. Megan Fox

megan fox

Answer Key: 1) Real; 2) Real; 3) Wax; 4) Real; 5) Wax; 6) Wax; 7) Wax; 8) Real

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[Photo Credit: WENN (7); FameFLynet; INFphoto]


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