Holyfield’s wife requests restraining order dismissal

Candi Holyfield obtained the ban against her husband following a heated argument at their Georgia home on 1 February (10).

The star’s third wife claimed he hit her in the face when she refused to provide proof that she had been making regular donations to their church.

She reported the incident to police, stating, “He… hit me in the face, the back of my head twice and in my back… He got up and turned the light on and started looking at my face and told me he was sorry, that he knew he shouldn’t have done that.”

But the couple has since agreed to work on salvaging its marriage and will attend counselling sessions to deal with its problems.

And Candi proved she is serious about reuniting with Holyfield by filing new documents in Fayette County on Monday (15Feb10) requesting the protective order be dropped, reports TMZ.com.