Hoot Gibson

Actor, Rodeo performer, Circus performer
Born: 08/06/1892 in Takamah, Nebraska, USA


Actor (31)

Ocean's Eleven 1960 (Movie)

Road Block Deputy (Actor)

The Horse Soldiers 1959 (Movie)

Brown (Actor)

The Last Outlaw 1935 (Movie)


The Prairie King 1926 (Movie)


The Calgary Stampede 1924 (Movie)

Dan Malloy (Actor)

Blazing Guns (Movie)

Hoot Gibson (Actor)

Burning the Wind (Movie)


Chip of the Flying U (Movie)

Chip Bennett (Actor)

Clearing the Range (Movie)


Dead Game (Movie)


Feud of the West (Movie)

Whitey (Actor)

Flight to Nowhere (Movie)

Sheriff Bradley (Actor)

Gun Law (Movie)

Bail Stevens (Actor)

Hey! Hey! Cowboy (Movie)

Jimmie Roberts (Actor)

Hook and Ladder (Movie)

Ace Cooper (Actor)

King of the Rodeo (Movie)

Montana Kid (Actor)

Let 'er Buck (Movie)

Bob Carson (Actor)

Rainbow's End (Movie)

Neil Gibson, Jr. (Actor)

Ride for Your Life (Movie)

Bud Watkins (Actor)

Secret Man (Movie)


Step on It! (Movie)

Vic Collins (Actor)

Sunset Range (Movie)


Taming of the West (Movie)

J. P. Carleton, Jr. (Actor)

The Buckaroo Kid (Movie)


The Flaming Frontier (Movie)

Bob Langdon (Actor)

The Law Rides Again (Movie)

Hoot Gibson (Actor)

The Marshal's Daughter (Movie)

Ben Dawson (Actor)

The Rawhide Kid (Movie)

Dennis O'Hara (Actor)

The Riding Avenger (Movie)

Buck Conners (Actor)

Trimmed (Movie)


Wild Horse (Movie)

Producer (1)

King of the Rodeo (Movie)



Dorothy Dunstan

Married 1942 until his death

Sally Eilers Actor


Helen Wegner

together from 1913-1920


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