Hortense Petra

Born: 12/09/1904


Actor (10)

The Loners 1970 (Movie)

Mrs Anderson (Actor)

For Singles Only 1968 (Movie)

Miss Jenks (Actor)

The Young Runaways 1968 (Movie)

Mrs Morse (Actor)

Riot on Sunset Strip 1967 (Movie)


Kissin' Cousins 1964 (Movie)

Dixie (Actor)

When the Boys Meet the Girls 1964 (Movie)

Kate (Actor)

Get Yourself a College Girl 1963 (Movie)

Donna (Actor)

Your Cheatin' Heart 1963 (Movie)

Wilma the Cashier (Actor)

Juke Box Rhythm 1958 (Movie)

Redhead (Actor)

The World Was His Jury 1958 (Movie)

Pretty Girl (Actor)