How Kristen Stewart Out-Earned Robert Pattinson By $8 Million This Year

Twilight stars earnings
Glass ceiling? What glass ceiling? 
All three of the main stars of Twilight made it onto the new Forbes Highest-Paid Stars Under 30 but it was ladies first as Kristen Stewart smoked her male co-stars in earnings. 
Stewart brought in an impressive $34.5 million last year, while Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner both earned $26.5 million. Not too shabby for any of them. But how did the 22-year-old actress manage to earn an extra $8 million on the side? 
While most of her cash came from Twilight, she also starred in another huge blockbuster this year, Snow White and the Huntsman. Meanwhile, Pattinson had the low-budget Bel Ami which opened in only 8 theaters. And Lautner’s 2011 ill-received action movie Abduction only took in $82 million at the box office. 
A Snow White sequel was confirmed last month, and although Stewart hasn’t officially confirmed she’ll return to the role, she’d definitely earn a pretty penny for part deux. 
That’s going to buy a lot of hoodies and Converse.